About Us

Hey Technology is a software company that grows day by day with the Research and Development Support it received from the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey. Since 2011, our company has successfully completed more than 100 projects serving the public and private sectors. We have established long-term business partnerships and customer satisfaction with the projects we have been carrying out. One of the main features that distinguishes Hey Technology from others is that we produce technological solutions that are both innovative and user friendly that everyone can easily adapt to. We improve ourselves day by day thanks to our employees, business partners and customers. We accelerate the transition of every institution we come into contact with to the Computer Age in a controlled manner. Our service to different sectors has brought us to a form that is compatible with every situation. This keeps Hey Technology young and improving. We support our customers at every stage of the projects we deliver so that these projects can provide the highest profit and efficiency to the customers. We are not just a technology company that provides services, we are a business partner that increases efficiency.

 We Grow Together!

As Hey Teknoloji, we are growing ourselves while ensuring the growth of our customers and business partners. Hey, Technology believes in the power of experience, knowledge, and understanding. Thanks to its evolving infrastructure, it keeps its quality ahead of its age. It is the principle of closely following the needs of the business world and rejuvenating itself. He understands that he is designing tomorrow as well as saving the day of his partners with the projects he has delivered. With this responsibility and awareness, it always questions the new needs of its customers and partners. From smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.) to accelerate the transition of customers and partners to the technological age and from other technological environments, it develops synchronous working solutions. It offers the ability to track and manage your work while you’re out of the office. My customer’s customer is my customer’s customer who serves with the principle of Hey Technology is powered by these sensitivities.
   Our principles
  To maintain customer satisfaction unconditionally in the areas we serve,
  Keeping yourself young and wise all the time
  To assume the safety obligation of customer information and to make no concessions,
  To always observe and watch the future needs of the sector, the knowledge and experience it will need,
  Keeping the performance at the highest level without losing occupational safety and environmental awareness,
  To prevent waste and minimize environmental pollution by minimizing the use of energy and resources while carrying out its activities,
  To produce solutions that customers will get the highest performance at the lowest cost,
  Keeping employee content and motivation alive,
  Taking responsibility,
  Improve customer satisfaction by performing necessary pre- and post-service reviews.
 Our beliefs
  Customer and partner success is our success
  Mutual trust increases mutual efficiency
  Innovation pays off when it’s brought to terms that everyone can adapt to.
Being flexible and transparent is the strongest key to catching the era
Working with fun makes everyone happy

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