With our fair management application, we enable users to systematically store and manage the communication network acquired at the fairs and events they attend.

We have prepared a customer relationship management application that allows you to manage end-to-end events such as Fairs and B2B that you attend as a brand.


It contributes to the final reports by ensuring that the data processed in the system are detailed under the headings such as subject, product, etc.


Systematizes potential customer management after fair events.


 It provides fast and accessible service with mobile application support. Especially the most important opportunity sources of exporting companies; fairs they attend, B2B events and business trips. It is extremely safe and easy to measure the efficiency of these activities, which are carried out at great cost, to transfer the opportunities and contacts gained to the digital environment in a safe and fast manner, to conduct customer meetings quickly and efficiently, and to manage the required returns and e-mails with our application.

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