It is now very easy to track and control visitor and personnel entry and exit. With our Nizamiye Tracking CRM software, we carry the visitor records of your institution or site into the digital age.

Management of vehicle scheduling has never been so practical 

We offer you the opportunity to learn when and where the vehicles of your institution are, who uses them, and other information with a single click.

Organization of material inputs and outputs between units will save you time and energy.

Nizamiye organizations made with traditional methods have always caused confusion and critical mistakes. With Nizamiye Tracking CRM, we eliminate this confusion and give all units a sigh of relief.

With the due diligence reports, you will not only see the needs and problems of your institution with a single click, but also have an effective security control.

 You also have the right to take systematic management of product entries from outside.

It will add value to you to follow the developments in the nizamiye, which is the door of your institution opening to the outside.

With instant, daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports, you will be able to access all the information you need to know about your institution from your mobile phone and computer at any time.

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