With our project, in which personnel evaluate each other with a closed voting system, we increase performance and pave the way for self-criticism.

We have made personnel performance monitoring extraordinarily easy with our project, in which every detail is considered to strengthen your institution and increase your efficiency. Performance Evaluation allows you to clearly see the current status and needs of your organization (in terms of human resources).

Performance monitoring through interim managers has always been misleading. How willing the departments and personnel are in which subjects, and in which subjects they lose motivation… Our Performance Evaluation software, where you can easily get answers to these and similar questions, maximizes your corporate awareness. We pave the way for you to develop pinpoint solutions with performance evaluations that you can carry out periodically.


Reports at your fingertips whenever you want! While tracking the motivation and performance of your staff, we also provide you with clues about human relations and even personalities. Thus, you will know how to design your current or future human resources.


Our application, which allows everyone to participate in voting sincerely with its closed voting system, enables you to realize the performance evaluations of your institution in the most realistic way, while making positive contributions to in-house human relations. Only authorized users can see the votes and other data.

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