With our application, which acts as a bridge between landlords, tenants, suppliers, service industry and personnel, we provide users with the opportunity to easily control all property management processes.

We have developed an application that streamlines landlord, tenant and authorized personnel communication. With the application we specially designed for the administration processes of large estates and apartments with management teams, you will be able to manage all the processes of your building from a single screen.

End-to-End Tracking

Through our system;  It can keep current project records,  It can archive the information of property owners, You can track and automate the tenants’ contract, contract term debiting records, collection and deposit tracking, You can manage processes such as service procurement, maintenance and repair.


Beyond viewing property Management processes that host modules such as revenue expense management, management of fees, Demirbaş management, we offer the option to automatically send payments (text messaging) and email.


Thanks to the user accounts you have created for your circle residents, we ensure that users are aware of the developments that are relevant to them.


Actions such as decision book, claim management (failure notifications), task management (technical staff management) can also be easily executed through our application.

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