With our public process management application, the performance of the departments can be observed at any time. Services to citizens can be documented with one button. Work that happens and waits can be tangible.

We aim to increase the quality of citizens’ services by strengthening the communication between departments in municipalities.


BPresident, Vice Presidents, Heads of Departments, Managers, Supervisors, Employees… All units will be able to see the operations carried out in the field or in the municipality building within the scope of their authority without wasting time.
Thanks to the application that removes the distances between departments, an increase in work efficiency and regularity is achieved. It is an application that provides the opportunity to manage and conduct citizen-organization relations in public institutions over the digital system. In addition to the fact that the officials of the institution operate the system mobile, it increases the internal work efficiency by reducing the physical intensity that may occur in the daily work flow by providing the citizen with the opportunity to follow the process.


Thanks to the send instant feature, it makes it easier for the citizen to quickly forward the service deficiencies and malfunctions in the jurisdiction of the institution to the institution and make a request.

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