We have established a communication bridge that improves Citizen-Municipality Relations.

Send Instant is a platform that all citizens can easily access. It can be downloaded for free from all application markets and serves smoothly on all mobile devices. In the application we have developed by targeting the active and positive participation of our citizens in the local services process;

  • Citizen adds contact information and explains his request,
  • The application automatically gets the location,
  •  Notes where the request comes from,
  •  Citizen attaches a photo and/or video about the request.
  • The request is recorded in the system and forwarded to the relevant units.
Relevant personnel access requests to the extent of their authority. It displays the request with a simple interface and decides what to do about the request. QUICK RESULT Decisions taken and actions taken are notified to the concerned citizens via short message. All requests created by citizens can be processed and reported. Send Instant provides the fastest response to the request of the Citizen. It documents and archives all information meticulously.
SUSTAINABLE SERVICE As a result of all this, Send Instant alleviates the citizen traffic in the City Hall. It reduces the workload on the solution desk. With its easily accessible structure, it reminds our citizens that the municipality is always with them.

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