Operation, planning and reporting processes are now much easier and faster with our system, which reduces the risk of information and document loss that you may experience while managing over 10,000 properties, and accelerates management processes.

The State Airports Authority digitized the management of over ten thousand properties at 52 airports with the Spatial Information Management System we developed.

With our web-based vector drawing tool, you can run property definitions simultaneously through autocad projects.

How Does a Spatial Information Management System Work?


All the airports involved in the application are in the system;
  •  Can upload own plans
  •  Can mark properties to be processed on the plan
  • Determine features such as square meters, property type, function in marking,
  • They can follow the occupancy rates of the areas from the system.

 In the second stage

  • They can trigger approval processes by creating allocation requests in areas open to lease.
  • Thanks to the online monitoring of the approval processes, they can terminate the process without losing time.


Contract tracking is now very easy with empty/full field reports Areas with an allocation request on the system can be optionally colored, The areas where the finalized contracts are located can be automatically recorded in the system, preventing confusion in the rental processes,


Monthly/annual payment information can be tracked on the basis of all contracts made for allocation transactions at the airports. Cost calculations become much easier with monthly/annual reports.


Our application has been enriched with broadband equipped boards in order to facilitate your decision-making processes by providing the most accurate information as soon as possible. With graphics, you can speed up your assessment processes by getting detailed reports through square meters/income, fill/space ratios, large filings based on company & airport.

 24/7 ACCESS

All these processes can be tracked via the mobile application.  Event records at the airport can be followed via mobile. It enables the headquarters to view the occupancy rates at all airports on the basis of square meters from mobile.  

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