We collect all the tasks / jobs that have been done and to be done on one screen.

As a brand, we have prepared an application that allows you to manage all the assignment processes in your workflow end-to-end. The teams working in the field, the vendors going to the meeting with the customers, the service personnel going to the service… in short, what task are all the personnel working on right now and what tasks will they start when the task they are working on is completed. You will be able to get answers to all these questions with one click..


Personnel can share tasks and teamwork among themselves, and within the limits of their authority, personnel can see the stage of each other’s duties and take action accordingly. They can create meetings as well as assign tasks to each other. They can keep call logs and create a to-do list. When you create a new task, the relevant colleagues will be notified automatically via the application, you can see when the personnel started and completed the task, and how long it took to complete the task.


In your business, in the daily work flow; Performance measurement is easier than ever with assignment and workflow tracking, hourly and unit-based evaluations.


It archives all your work moves retrospectively. It allows you to review daily, weekly, monthly, annual and instant reports whenever you want. Thus, it makes internal and external communications as efficient as possible.


Our application allows you to easily access all assignment processes from anywhere with its mobile use. TASK MANAGEMENT keeps all your information in a secure cloud server so that bad situations that may happen to your devices cannot damage your data. It guarantees your yesterday and tomorrow.

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