We have developed an application to ensure that all transport activities within the UKOME are carried out in coordination.

Within UKOME, we ensure that all kinds of transportation services are carried out in coordination on land, sea, lake, river, canal and railway within the metropolitan area. We enable the organization of all meetings held, the archiving and tracking of meeting decisions, the sending of detailed reports to the relevant parties, and the online execution of approval by mobile signature from the participants. In addition, vehicle transactions carried out in transportation, changes made, and systematic follow-up of requests, For citizen requests, we offer online appointments from the application.

We speed up the workflow by informing the requesters and other interested parties via SMS. We archive all transactions and keep them in high security in the system. Within the scope of the route permits section, we pave the way for mobile inspection teams to control the permits given by the authorities in the field. We offer the opportunity to use it anytime, anywhere with the ease of both mobile and computer access.

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