With our application specially designed for companies with small, medium and large vehicle fleets, we facilitate the tracking of vehicles operating in-house.

We have developed an application that will enable local governments and institutions in need to use their vehicles more efficiently and in a coordinated manner. In addition, we have made it extraordinarily easy to track and manage the abuse-free use of vehicles. The employee who needs a vehicle and driver sends his request through our application, the authorized employee evaluates the request, and the result of the evaluation is automatically notified to the requesting employee via SMS.

 Which vehicles are available?

With our Vehicle Coordination application, you can see which vehicles are available, including numbers and capacities. Therefore, you can instantly check which vehicles are in use.

 Everything is clear with the check-in and check-out times

With our app that’s preventing the use of vehicles for purposes of the vehicle, you can see the parking entrance and exit hours of your vehicles, the end user and/or the driver’s information at the touch of a button. We offer the ability to assign tasks for vehicles, assign drivers, book and rotate operations from your mobile phone.

 Coordination has never been easier

You can see the vehicle requests coming from your units or employees on a single screen, and you can perform the assignment and coordination processes with a single click. Thus, we pave the way for you to coordinate your institution’s vehicles with zero error.

Get comprehensive and clear reports

You will be able to easily analyze what vehicles and jobs your organization and personnel need, and you will make more profitable plans in line with this information.

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